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Tourist Visa Consultants: Canada is a happy nation. People over there are known for their friendliness and politeness as they are satisfied in their lives. As per CEO World magazine Survey, Canada is ranked as the fifth happiest country in the world. Canada known for its natural beauty includes mountains, glaciers, private lakes and forests which is unrivalled in the world. Canada has universal cities which are spotless, safe, affectionate and multiracial. Hence, lots of tourists visit Canada every year to see its beauty and many visit their friends and family.

What is a visitor visa?

A visitor visa or a temporary resident visa is an official document which is stuck in your passport. It shows that you meet the eligibility to enter Canada. You need a visitor visa to travel to Canada or if you are transiting through the Canadian airport. The Visitor visa can be applied online or on paper. Canada visit visa is valid for for six months. There are two types of Canadian visit visas- Single entry visa and multiple entry visas. People visiting can enter Canada once with a single entry visa.

With multiple entry visa, you can enter and leave Canada as many times as you want for six months as long as the visa is valid.

Normally all applicants are issued Multiple entry visas.

Single entry visa are granted only as an exception.

At the immigration counters in Canada they will put a date in your passport at which you should leave.

Also you may get a document called visitor record which shows you the date by which you must leave.

Salient Features of Multiple entry visa

Visitor visa is only used for Spare time and vacations purpose.

One can’t work on this visa.

You can travel with your dependents and children.

Visit visa takes 27 days to be issued.

Documents Required
Visa Application

A passport with a validity of six months or more.

Documents which prove that you have close relations to your home country. Financial statements as a proof of funds to support your stay in Canada. A letter of invitation from your friends and relatives if you have plans to stay with them. Medical clearance certificate in case you are required to undergo a medical exam before your trip.

Visa Application

The application can be submitted online , on paper or in person at a Visa application centre. In case the whole family is travelling each family member should submit a separate application including children under 18 years of age.

All applications should be submitted at once.

The applicants should havebiometric information in their application.

The visa application should also include a cover letter. Following points must be included in that:

The reason for travelling to Canada

Explain how you would manage your holiday expenses and the confirmation of back up finances.

Specify your income source.

Give details of your Canadian sponsor. Describe your relationship with your sponsor and why he/she is sponsoring you.

Briefly describe your flying itinerary having your flight schedule and dates of your important activities in Canada.

Aim of your trip.

Details of the flight.

How The Puri's can assist you?

The Puri's has ample experience in Canadian immigration and can help you build up a strong case for Canada Visit visa.

Our experienced team would assist you with:

Selecting the best approach to get your visitor visa.

Counseling you on how to present the case so that there are minimum chances of a personal interview.

Guiding you on finances to be shown.

Guiding you on finances to be shown.

Advising you on presentation of documents.

Form filling.

Evaluation of Documents.

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