Details of PTE

PTE or Pearson Test of English is the test that employers use to assess the level of mastery of English language of candidates. It is known to be one of the major computer based exams for the applicants who wish to pursue higher studies or travel overseas for studies. The result of the exams comes in 5 days. However, students can appear for the test throughout the year and it is conducted in 250 international centers for the convenience of the students.

What is the exam pattern for PTE?

Though there are four modules in the exam such as writing, reading, speaking and listening, it is divided into three parts and they are listening, reading, speaking and writing. Other important things to know about its exam pattern are listed below:

  • The total score for the exam is given on basis of the three sections
  • The score range is from 10 to 90, the lowest being 10 with increment of 1 point only
  • The point is shown as a graph to help understand the skill and level of understanding of the student

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