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Irrespective of the destination, immigration guidance and consultancy help students in different ways. If you have chosen the USA as the destination for your higher studies, you need to consider the international exposure, cultural changes and the reputation of the brand you are opting for. The university or the curriculum you are aiming to pursue your higher studies in should be a well-researched one. When in doubt about the study program and what all will be included in, it is better to take help from the experts at Thepuriglobal.

How to get assistance from experts?

Other than knowing about the study program, it is better to have an idea about the extracurricular activities that the university would offer. When pursuing higher studies in USA, other things that the university offers are:

  • Flexibility of course selection
  • Easy package for financial help
  • Facilities of top ranked institutes
  • Interesting activities to indulge in campus
  • Use of advanced technology and research options
  • Learn and earn with help of professionals

When you choose the USA over other destinations, you will get to know about theoretical and practical lessons in a better way. It will give you a better educational perspective and scope to pursue better career options. To know in detail, it is our expert’s guidance that will help you take a long way for the new chapter of your life.

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Eligibility for pursuing higher studies in USA

To pursue different study programs in the USA, a student needs to fulfil the following requirements

  • Fluency in English language - Without fluency up to an advanced level, the candidate cannot get through universities in USA and for this, one has to go through some exams to justify their eligibility
  • Academic qualification - The student needs to have high grades in diploma, graduate, postgraduate or equivalent exam in order to be eligible for the study program in the USA. However, our experts will help to know which courses are suitable based on your grades on the previous exam. In addition to this, students require English tests in foreign languages and other tests to prove their eligibility.
Details about sessions in universities ?
  • The first intake in the universities is during August or September
  • The second session starts from January or February
  • The last session or the summer semester is in May or June depending on the course you choose
What are the list of documents required for student authorization?
  • The student should be minimum of 18 years of age or above
  • For the academic terms, student should have potency to work off campus for 20 hours
  • Student should have legal status and be categorized under F1 student in US for one academic year as it would be easy for off- campus employment options
  • Only married couples can get dependent visas for USA dependent as per the US regulations.
Studying in USA

There are both public and private institutes in the USA to apply for depending on your budget and study program. For international student, the immigration rate may vary depending on the location and study program you wish to pursue

List of documents for visa requirement
  • Valid passport documents
  • Form 1- 20
  • Passport size image
  • Confirmation page of DS - 160
  • Application form of a non-immigrant
  • Details of application fees

For any other documents, our consultants will help you know about what to produce in addition to the above said ones.