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Our Program: CELPIP coaching classes are described below.

CELPIP is an English language proficiency test used to demonstrate a test-ability taker’s to communicate in various everyday situations, such as communicating with coworkers and superiors at work, interacting with friends, understanding newscasts, and interpreting and responding to written material.


The structure, layout, and timings of each exam component/module are covered in our online CELPIP Complete Prep Program. Students practice all activities and develop the abilities necessary to attain their goal score. 


Our CELPIP teachers online give comments, recommendations, and confidence building to prepare students for test day properly.

There are two types of CELPIP tests available.


CELPIP – General [total exam length = 3 hours, taken in one sitting, no separate speaking session]: Canadian permanent residency applications and professional designations. For Canada PR applications, the IRCC has authorized a test.


CELPIP – General LS [total exam time – about one hour, in one sitting, no separate speaking session]: Canadian citizenship applications and professional designation. For Canadian citizenship applications, the IRCC has authorized a test.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) facilitate immigrants’ entry into the nation. The IRCC also provides Canada PR and Canadian citizenship.


Thepurisglobal’s CELPIP Online tutoring allows you to prepare at your speed and take the exam with complete confidence.


In addition to providing you with the necessary training to pass your CELPIP exam, Thepurisglobals Coaching for CELPIP will also give you the capable supervision of an expert coach.

Why Should You Attend Instructor Training?


CELPIP Instructor Training offers teachers an in-depth understanding of the CELPIP Tests and helpful teaching ideas and tools.


This five-hour course is perfect for teachers giving a CELPIP preparation course, coaching individual students, or researching the CELPIP Tests. The recorded version enables users to finish the course at their speed and at a suitable time. It also contains comprehension quizzes and the option to send questions through email.


Format for Testing



40 questions in all, 2 of which are unsecured, must be answered in 47-55 minutes



 In 55-60 minutes, you must answer 38 questions.




Must be completed two activities d in 55-60 minutes.




Must be completed eight lessons in 15-20 minutes.


The timings depicted are varied. The examination will last around three hours.



Listening:– It contains one ungraded activity and six graded components (38 questions). There are four dialogues and two monologues. All audio snippets are only played once; all questions have four possibilities and one right answer.


Reading:- The Reading portion is divided into four scored sections (38 questions). You must read the materials and answer the questions for each Reading section. All of the questions are multiple-choice, with four alternatives and only one right answer.


Writing:- It consists of two challenges. Task 1 delivers the email on time. Task 2 requires pupils to answer survey questions.


Speaking:- The Speaking portion has one ungraded exercise and eight scored parts. Each component serves a single purpose. The duties are giving guidance, discussing a personal experience, describing a scene, offering a forecast, contrasting and persuading, dealing with a troublesome issue, expressing an opinion, and depicting an uncommon scenario.




CELPIP is rated on a 1–12 scale called the Band Scale.


A score of 7+ is considered good.




People who want to get a good CAEL score can take advantage of Edwise’s rigorous and comprehensive training services. Teachers that are competent, experienced, and trained train our pupils.


How are our students prepared for CELPIP Preparation Training?


On the first day of instruction, we perform a mock exam, imitating the testing settings, to see where the person stands in terms of his English ability. Following that, we begin classroom instruction. Questions are reviewed with students at the end of a practice session, and responses are provided. Following the classroom sessions, mock tests are administered, imitating the testing settings, and scores are assigned to each fake exam. After the trial, the person is handed the results.


The Purisglobal’s CELPIP Training Highlights.

• 30 hours of intensive online instruction

 • Skilled instructors

 • Digital Medium Zoom application for training

 • Google Classrooms assignments for each module.

 • Online instructors who will provide you with comprehensive feedback on your assessment tasks

 • Test advice and study techniques are provided in all modules.

 • Weekday Batches (Tuesday through Friday, 2 hours per day) and Weekend Batches (Saturday and Sunday, 2 hours per day) are available in Regular Mode.

 • Various batches with varying durations

 • The ability to transfer to any branch in India.


CELPIP is currently on the market in New Delhi!


Thepurisglobal CELPIP Services Delhi, India, is now an official CELPIP Preparation Centre, according to Paragon Testing Enterprises. Are you getting ready for the CELPIP Exam?


We can assist! With over free webinars and online courses, free exam preparation, and extra study resources available in our online store, our study materials page has all you need to prepare for your CELPIP preparatory Test.


The CELPIP Test is Canada’s most popular English language assessment. It is recognized as proof of English language competency by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent resident status in Canada and Canadian citizenship.