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Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program 2021

Saskatchewan is a province situated in the central part of Canada and has a burgeoning economy due to its rich mineral, oil and gas deposits. Through SINP, immigrants with skills and experience can receive a Saskatchewan provincial nomination certificate, after which they can apply for Canadian permanent residence with IRCC.

Express entry Saskatchewan:

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program enables the province to nominate individuals to be taken in to Canada by the federal officials. The Saskatchewan immigration method via SINP authorizes qualified candidates to avoid the tough and complex procedure of immigrating by applying straight to the Canadian federal authorities. Candidates can immigrate to Saskatchewan through the SINP in 2 ways:

The first way is to apply straight to the Saskatchewan Provincial Candidate Program by sending an EOI (Expression of Interest). If nominated, the candidate can then generate a new Express Entry account as well as import their credentials into the system.

The second option is to begin the Saskatchewan migration process by creating a new Express Entry profile and showing an interest in the province after which, authorities can select keen candidates as well as invite them to relate to the SINP.

If nominated, candidates in Express Entry profile will be credited with Saskatchewan nomination certification, providing an extra 600 points under the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). Candidates receive an Invitation (ITA) for permanent residency in Canada in the next draw. Applications which are submitted through Express Entry are processed really fast, most applications being settled in under six months.

PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) Saskatchewan

SINP has three groups of eligibility criteria for candidates who want to live and work in the province. Along with the quick application processing with Express Entry, the SINP also gives equally excellent assistance to candidates.

The SINP accepts applications under the following classification:

1) International skilled worker category:

This category gets applications from skilled workers who plan to live and work in Saskatchewan. Applicants are evaluated based on a points system and can be proposed under three sub-categories.

a. Employment Offer:This Sub-Category of the PNP Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker group is for skilled candidates with a job offer from a certified employer in the province. To be eligible for this Saskatchewan Immigrant Candidate Program, candidates must satisfy various demands.

b. Occupations in Demand:This classification is for skilled candidates who do not have a job offer yet but, are extremely skilled in an occupation. There are several standards that are needed to be fulfilled by the candidate.

c. Saskatchewan Express Entry:This classification is for skilled candidates who are in the prospect pool of Citizenship and also in Canada’s Express Entry system. Various requirements must meet for an immigrant to be eligible for this Saskatchewan PNP.

2)  The Saskatchewan Experience category:

This SINP category is for candidates that currently live and work and yearn to become irreversible residents of Saskatchewan. There are total five different sub-categories under Saskatchewan experience category.

a. Existing work permit sub-category:This is for skilled candidates with a valid work permit and for those who have been working in Saskatchewan for six months.

b. Health care sub-category:This sub-category is for globally-skilled health specialists who have been working in the province under temporary work permit for six months or more. It has three classifications:Registered nurses: This stream is for certified Nurses, Registered Nurses (RN), and Psychiatric Registered nurses who want live and operate in the province.

Candidates who area nurse by profession and interested in Saskatchewan migration, this is the best SINP stream for them.Physicians: This stream is for globally-skilled doctors also doctors interested in Saskatchewan immigration. Other health and wellness professionals: This stream is for candidates who are healthcare professionals and belong to an authorized body.

3) Hospitality section sub-category:

This hospitality section sub-category is for candidates who are at present working in Saskatchewan in hospitality field such as food and beverage servers, kitchen helpers, housekeeping and cleaning staff for at least six months. The employer must receive acceptance from the Province before the applicant begins work in Canada.

b) Long haul truck driver sub-category:This sub-category is for candidates who are right now working for a certified trucking firm in Saskatchewan. Before filing for an application, drivers must be working in Saskatchewan for their present employer for a minimum of six months.

c) Pupil sub-category:Students who have graduated from a well-known post-secondary university/college in Canada, this sub-category is for them.The student must have worked in Saskatchewan at the minimum twenty-four months before applying, or for six months if the institution is in Saskatchewan

4) Entrepreneur and farm category:

Candidates who want to own and operate a business or wish to do farming in Saskatchewan. This category is for them.

Entrepreneur Sub-Category:Candidates who wish to invest capital in Saskatchewan or want to become partner in a business in the province are expected to take on an active a role in the business. This sub-category basically functions on an Expression of Interest model.

Farm Owners and Operators Sub-Category:Experienced farmers with significant capital looking to invest in a farming field and settle in the province of Saskatchewan. This sub-category is for them.

5)SINP International Graduate Entrepreneur Category:

This classification is for students who graduated from popular institutions in Saskatchewan and considering to start a business in the province. Approved candidates will have to commence and manage a business in Saskatchewan for at the minimum a year to be entitled for a provincial nomination for permanent residence.